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I graduated summa cum laude from the Honors College at the University of Houston (2014) with dual degrees in journalism and creative writing, and more recently from the Coding Bootcamp at UT with a certification in full stack web development. I'm particularly interested in mental health and education tech, and I have experience with Node, React, Express, Handlebars, MySQL, MongoDB, and Passport, along with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and just your standard, vanilla Javascript.


I did web development in junior high and high school, and I wanted to pick it back up again after realizing I wasn't passionate about the the work I was doing after finishing college.

I moved to Austin, got a support job at a tech company, realized I still was interested in web development and, beyond that, software development. So I decided to enroll in The Coding Bootcamp at UT Austin to get there as quickly as I could while still building a strong foundation. So here I am, six months later, and I can not only talk about things like servers, APIs, route handling, models, pure functions, for loops, callback hell, but I also come across these things daily when I'm coding (well, hopefully not the callback hell).


Full Stack Web Development | Graphic Design | Writing/Editing

Dynamic Websites

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jekyll

Web Applications

Node.js, Express, React, Handlebars, MySQL, User Authentication

Graphic Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


My blood, sweat, and tears (only one or two, I swear)

Buzzkill App Max Gardner


Node, Express, React, MongoDB

Pop Muse App Max Gardner

Pop Muse

Node, Express, Handlebars, MongoDB

Gif Me App Max Gardner


HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

Burger Bites App Max Gardner


Node, Express, Handlebars, MySQL

Crystal Game App Max Gardner

Crystal Game

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

Hangman Slasher Edition App Max Gardner

Hangman - Slasher Edition

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

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